Is Popsy legit?

Yes Popsy is 100% legit and it is the Future of shopping!

At Popsy, we want to help millions of users get access to the best electronics at a fraction of the price with a warranty.

Second hand is the future of shopping and we want to provide trut & warranty to our users. We carefully vet & verify all the professional refurbishers that we work with.

We have been building standards of quality so that when you buy a refurbished iPhone 8 Black 64GB you know exactly what you will receive and there is a warranty on top of it and easy returns.

We understand that you might have some concerns about buying a refurbished product and that’s why we want to provide you with peace of mind. You have 30 days to return your product if you are not satisfied. No questions asked. We just want you to be 100% satisfied so that you will become a returning customer and you will do great things for our planet!

We believe that we can make our planet a better place one iPhone at a time! Welcome to the Popsy family!